Australasian Distributor for the Constructive Eating range of products

Construction Range

Beware, Construction Zone! If you’ve taken to wearing a hard hat in your dining room, the Construction Line is perfect for your little one. 

Fairy Garden Range

Allo, Willow, and Charlie, the three whimsical Garden Fairies, are the ideal dinner companions. Tag along through a magical garden filled with ivy, butterfly bushes, and pumpkin vines as your child’s appetite grows.

Dinosaur Range

dinosaur range

Enter the Jurassic World of Dinosaurs!  Your little palaeontologist will enjoy all meals with their new Stegosaurus Fork, Ankylosaurus Spoon and Triceratops Pusher.

Constructive Baby

The baby-proof plate parents have been looking for! Our classic ramp and suction cups combine to ease the transition from fingers to forks. Creative shapes make it fun for your little one, many sections make less mess for you.