Construction – Individual Forklift Fork

Sold separately with barcoded tag

Construction – Individual Front Loader Spoon

Sold separately with barcoded tag

Construction – Retail Bucket Display including Utensils

A metal bucket with handle and foam insert to display the construction individual cutlery pieces.
Included are:

  •  Constructive Eating branded bucket
  •  10 x Individual Bulldozer Pushers
  • 10 x Individual Front Loader Spoons
  • 10 x Individual Forklift Forks

Note: Photos and Caution Fun sign not included

Construction 3-Piece Cutlery Set (ETA 11 January)

Each set contains:

  • One Fork Lift Fork
  •  One Front Loader Spoon
  • One Bull Dozer Pusher.

Presented in clam shell packaging with hang/sell tab.

Construction Placemat

The 28cm x 43cm Polypropylene placemat features an aerial view of a construction “worksite.”

The placemat is durable and is easy to wipe clean.
Shaded images of the construction utensils and subtle features from the construction plate provide the opportunity for children to help get ready for meals by setting their place at the table.

Construction Plate (ETA 11 January)

Clamshell package contains one Construction Plate.

Our Construction Plate is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It contains patented features that work with Constructive Eating’s utensils.